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Our Ministries

Explore our ministries and the areas where we serve. See where you fit in and how can you help us.


Children Church

Children occupy a special place in TCFC’s vision. The main focus is to see the next generation rooted & built up in Christ and His word. A team of dedicated teachers ensure the children are consistently growing & being discipled so that they stand firm on God's word. The ministry organises a special Camp annually where these truths are taught with the help of puppets, art, songs, activities & games.


Teen's on Fire

Teenage years are one of the most challenging phases of life. The TCFC Teen Ministry creates a platform for teens to understand how to tackle changes they see in themselves in the light of God's word. With activity-based sessions, teens discover Biblical truths that can help them deal with their challenges, offering great way for teens to celebrate teenage life and make Godly friends along the way!


Yuva Arise

Yuva arise ministry has the mandate to serve the youth of TCFC, helping them “grow deeper, reach wider and embrace God closer”. The third service on sundays are dedicated to them each Sunday (12am -2pm). The ministry also conducts an annual camp inviting youngsters to draw away from daily life to the presence of God. Special sessions are taken by the Yuva Arise for singles, helping them address challenges unique to them.


Kingdom Art

Kingdom Art  believes God has  placed creative skill in our hearts and as we discover and use them to glorify  our  Creator, it  results in  worship! Kingdom  Art  gathers  every  Friday  online  to bring to  life  verses of the Bible  through the art and the paint medium. Each picture  featured  is a declaration  and a reminder  of  what the Scripture  says. These are done by our volunteer teachers who believe in passing on to the next generation what they know about the Word of God.



The Church worship ministry encourages individuals to use their musical talents and gifts to serve and uplift others. It aims to deepen the connection between individuals and God through worship. 



The Ushering ministry aims to make sure a smooth running of the Church services, and other programmes organized by the Church. This includes greeting, comfortable seating and reaching out to the needs of the moment. The ushers interact with people by sharing gospel who step into the church for the very first time. Through this ministry, the team desires to serve with love and humility to strengthen the body of Christ, ultimately bringing glory to Him.


Women's Ministry

The women's ministry is focused on the vision to raise a community of women who loves God and His people, to impact nations. It encompasses deliberations on biblical themes, igniting passion for prayer and fellowship among the women.


Men's Ministry

To raise a community of men who loves God and His people impacting nations by intentional discipleship. Monthly Large and small group meetings are organised, equipping men of the church to grow in God given identity,, responsibility, integrity and community, thus fulfilling the calling of Manhood

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Mercy Ministry

The TCFC church undertook a survey to identify a village or Juggi having social needs and chose Bhimbasti village in Jonapur, Mehrauli area of Delhi. It started a Pre-school non-formal education centre for children of Bhim Basti village and nearby area to help them get into the mainstream educational system. It is running a tailoring class for the girls to equip and empower them with tailoring skill for self-employment and financial independence. It is proving widow care support, providing their basic monthly food support. The society conducts periodic medical camps for health welfare. It also conducts Spoken English classes for the teens in the village and nearby area in the Bhim Basti center.



The Church Media Ministry focuses on utilizing different media platforms to support the activities and messages of a church. It involves the use of audiovisual equipment, graphic design, and multimedia presentations to enhance worship services, deliver sermons, and engage the congregation.



In obedience to the commission of Christ to “go and make disciples of all nations” TCFC organises mission trips to unreached places of India. Partnering with likeminded mission organisations and individuals, the mission team plans trips to reach places with the light of the gospel, giving members an exposure to the mission field and an opportunity to share their faith to unreached people groups.


Christian Education

This ministry focuses on equipping & strengthening the believers in the Word of God & empowering them to live a transformative life. We conduct Bible Seminars, leadership equipping workshops and an annual foundation course to build & train the body of Christ

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Family Ministry

Family ministry is focussed on building family relaitonships. TCFC beleives if families are strong the church is strong and if church is strong the society is strong and if society is strong the nation is strong. Every year we take at least 10 famlies and take them through a course to build basic foundations for godly marraige.



To bring hope & healing to the community through counselling & care rooted in biblical principles. TCFC counselling centre has a group of trained counsellors & psychiatrist specialized in trauma, premarital & family counselling & are equipped to help you deal with a wide range of complex life issues. The team organizes training sessions to equip more counsellors & conducts counselling sessions for those in need. 

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