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From the end of the year 2007 the Lord was putting very strongly the theme rebuild. Rebuild the ruined and broken areas of our lives and the Church. I am sure the reason He was putting into our hearts was because the Lord has decided to do something beautiful and wonderful this year in and among us. To keep us aligned to His purposes we declared the year 2008 as the ‘year of rebuilding’.

When we talk about rebuilding the first person that comes to our mind is Nehemiah. As a matter of fact God has been speaking to us from this book, even through the guest speakers weeks before it was declared as the year of rebuilding. Nehemiah was commissioned by God to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem which was in ruins for more than a century.

In the Old Testament Jerusalem is the place where God desires to dwell. According to the New Testament, man is to be the dwelling place of God. God seeks to dwell in the human spirit. That is the great secret that humanity has largely lost today, but which New Testament Christianity seeks to restore.

Jerusalem in ruins, therefore, is a picture of a life that has lost its defences against attack and lies open to repeated dangers and despairs of the enemy. There is no longer any ability left to resist destructive attacks because the walls are broken. People have fallen victim to sinful habits that you now find difficult, if not impossible, to break. Some have fallen into practices that the Bible says are wrong. Many indulge in things that are very dangerous for Christian life. They are unable to come out of it. Defences are gone. Perhaps also the gates are burned. Gates are ways in and out. They are the way by which other people get to know you as you really are. People are so afraid to open up and no body has access into their lives. Many are living with full of bitterness, anger or rage and feeling rejected and lonely.

The book of Nehemiah depicts the way of recovery from breakdown and ruin to a condition of peace, security, restored order, and usefulness.

What steps did Nehemiah take to repair and rebuild the walls? First He sought the Lord in prayer and confessed personal and corporate sins. Secondly he made strategic plans to rebuild and restore the city of Jerusalem. Finally he persevered even when he faced severe oppositions. Remember whenever you plan to rebuild the enemy will plan to oppose.

This is the same way you could repair and rebuild your life to make it a habitation for the Lord. The Lord desires to inhabit in you because you are recreated and redeemed by Christ for that reason. 

Walls that were ruined for a century was rebuild under the leadership of Nehemiah in 52 days (Neh. 6:15). Do not let another year pass by without repairing and rebuilding your precious life for God. No matter how messed up your life is God will help you if you turn to Him. You are created to be a dwelling place of God.

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